Instructions Amaryllis

Instructions Amaryllis


Place the bulb with its base and roots in lukewarm water for some hours. If you cannot plant the bulb immediately after purchase, keep them in a cool place at about 9°C.


Use nutritious potting compost for which readymade mixtures are available. Half of the bulb is placed in the soil, while the roost must not be damaged. After planting, the soil around the bulb is firmly pressed down so that the plant will be quite steady.


Put the pot directly in the light and in a warm place, as heat is essential for the development of the stems. A normal room temperature of 20 degrees (een graden teken) is ideal. Until the stem shows little water is given. Gradually give more water as the bud and the leaves become visible. After that, the stem will grow rapidly. When it stops growing the flowers will develop.


When the bulb has stopped flowering it is not necessary to discard it. With some care, it can be made to flower again next year. After flowering, cut the stems and allow the leaves to develop further. Water regularly and add some pot-plant fertilizer to the water (tomato food), gradually reduce watering, and stop watering altogether. Then allow the bulb to rest for some time in a cool dark place. After 3 months rest, pot the bulb again, after all old soil and dried roots have been removed. It took us growers three years to sell you a full grown quality product.

Good luck and enjoy!